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Washoe County Approved Wood Stoves in Any Single Family Home!!!!

The heart of a home is its hearth, and the modern day hearth is the fireplace. Provide your home with the welcoming atmosphere you have always wanted with a new gas fireplace. Not only will this purchase fulfill your heating needs throughout the chill of autumn and the bite of winter, but it will also serve as a place to create fond memories with your family.

Chinook 20

A stately, rectangular glass viewing area and wide, integrated legs provide the Chinook 20 with a European flair that compliments any single family home. This Washoe County approved model comes standard with a convection deck, but an optional dual-fan system may be included to create a warm, cozy glow throughout the room much more quickly. Engineered runners are also available with an optional ash drawer to maintain the smooth functionality of your wood stove.

Pellet Stoves by Napoleon, Breckwell & Lennox

One of the greenest modern fireplace options available is the pellet stove. Rather than wasting timber sawdust and other byproducts, the materials are put to use in creating small wood pellets that work well in stoves. Even with their economical and environmental savings, wood pellets are still rigorously tested and must pass the standards of the Pellet Fuels Institute. The renewable resources are 100% organic and offer CO2 neutrality and a savings on landfill space. Consumers can access pallets in 40-pound bags, which also help save space in your home.

Winslow P140

Country Stoves Winslow P140 pellet stoves are is the ideal models for the modern consumer. Its Smart Heat technology ensures full climate control during all seasons, creating an efficient machine that anyone can intuitively use without complicated gadgetry. Simply set the temperature to your liking and walk away as you would with a typical thermostat for quick, convenient use. The classic, aesthetically-pleasing design of the fireplace and its Limited Lifetime Warranty also make it one of the most popular models on the market. Some pleasant features include:

  • Gold or nickel trim
  • Self-ignition
  • Unique air-wash system with 30 days of average burning and still clean!

Easy access to components makes cleansing a breeze, while a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool allows for easy maintenance. All of these features and more combine to create the leading pellet stove on the market today. The Country PI40 will offer years of trouble-free use, easy maintenance, cozy heat, and quiet ambience.

Limited Warranty

New pellet stoves and inserts are quality products that are offered with limited warranties. These include:

  • Five year warranties on burn pots and augers with each purchase
  • Three year warranties on all electrical components
  • Limited lifetime guarantees on glass, heat exchangers, and stove bodies

See your Country Stove professional for more details


  • Accessible components for easy, quick cleaning
  • Adjustable 55/40 pound hopper
  • Remote thermostat capability for instant access as well as hardwired options
  • Self-igniting and self-cleaning system with a heavy duty cast iron pot
  • Technologically advanced diagnostic system and air wash system keep the model clean, maintained and simple to monitor
  • Approved for any type of single family home, including mobile homes

Put making a warm, inviting living space the top of your honey-do list and check it off easily with any of these models. Select the fireplace of your dreams today and finally make your house a home. More details are available from your local Country Store representative.

NPS45 (Auburn)
Napoleon Pellet

Pellet Stove w/ 55 lb. Hopper
Retail: $3,699

Sale Price internet only


Black Door $419.00 ( Required )

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