One of the most appreciated real estate features is having a sunroom because it is practical by increasing square footage of a floor plan, it allows daylight to flood into a building and it is efficient by providing passive solar heating. On hot days, inside coverings allow the area to be cool so sunrooms truly provide a year-round living space that can allow the outdoors to come inside without even opening a door or window.


Sunrooms are adaptable to the space available as well as the pocketbook and our installation experts can show you various designs that will fit your lifestyle. The benefit of a sunroom not only adds more livable space to your home, but also contributes to a healthier lifestyle. During the winter months when daylight is at a premium, a sunroom capitalizes on available light allowing it to enter your home or business while keeping harmful UV rays out. The glass is comprised of three air separated panes that provide an insulating value of R10, which also prevent water vapour from condensing in between glass layers keeping the view crystal clear.


Our sunrooms are available in either an affordable aluminum or luxurious wood straight eave construction. The ease of assembly allows a sunroom to quickly become attached to your residential or commercial property with a minimum amount of disruption to your routine, leaving you wondering as you enjoy the finished project why you didn’t do this before.

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