Garden Rooms

A Special Statement To Your House

Garden rooms make a special statement to a house by being fully integrated with the structure. A recent addition can be made to blend with the design of a building to maintain a unified appearance.

To maintain this uniformity, our garden rooms incorporate a low pitched roofline that can be transformed to blend with your home’s existing structural shape.   Choose from a peak or studio style roofline with 3″, 4″ or 6″ ceilings and finish the garden room with shingles, vinyl, brick, or your choice of outside covering.

Enjoy Your Sunroom

The versatility of our garden rooms lets you decide the size, shape and type of windows to install by choosing from our aluminum window frame line with Low-E glass, or from the Millennium vinyl series with tempered security glass.  Transoms allow stylish windows to be placed above other windows or doors permitting maximum light to enter the room and to create an outside feeling.
Garden rooms produce a perfect place that’s harmonious with the rest of your house to become an unsurpassed setting for a home office, playroom, livingroom or kitchen extension, or whatever you think is perfect for you.

Get in touch today. With an ease of installation and a minimum amount of disruption to your routine, we will leave you wondering as you enjoy the finished project why you didn’t do this before.